Painting The Town Pink – Zahra Association

During Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, the Zahra association aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefit of early examination of breast cancer through its #العفو_والعافيه campaign.

In Saudi Arabia, Breast Cancer accounts for 30% of all tumours in women and is the most common tumour in women according to the Saudi Cancer Registry. Through this campaign, they aim to not only raise awareness of the importance of regular examinations for women as part of their healthy lifestyle but also correct misconceptions and beliefs about Breast Cancer. Zahra Association was established in 2007 and aspires towards a society free of Breast Cancer whilst taking realistic steps towards informing the public about the reality of breast cancer through the stories of survivors as well as providing support to breast cancer diagnosed patients.3c20

It does this through breast cancer awareness programmes, promotion of screening programmes, and the provision of specialized services to sick and recovered patients. In addition to this, it also organizes training programs aiming to develop the skills of Saudi personnel.

In a recent speech given by HRH Princess Haifa Al Faisal, she expanded upon how the organization plans to take-up the presidential agenda of the G20 and work on enabling human improvement in youth and women. HRH reiterated on the importance of high-level attention from governments as Breast cancer represents 24.3% of the total cancer cases in women, with nearly 7 million recovering patients around the world. She emphasized the role of Zahra Association and other civic organizations in raising recommendations to develop policies in early detection, supporting cancer patients during post-treatment in G20 countries and ensuring that no patient is neglected. 1c20

During this month of awareness make sure that you’re doing your part by not only living as healthy a lifestyle as possible but also by educating yourself and encouraging friends and loved ones to do early and regular examinations to detect Breast Cancer.

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