Aerial view of Rangali Island | Photos by Don Dao

Story by Mayda Hashani
Written by Deena Dakhiel

The amazing Conrad Hotels & Resorts, and their continuous efforts to saving the environment.

When I found out about the Maldives trip, I knew I was in for a treat, especially keeping in mind the internationally recognized high standards of Conrad Hotels and Resorts. The entire trip was not only a breathtaking experience but also included educational aspects that left me with a new appreciation for the ocean’s ecosystem.

The first day on the trip was an experience on its own – a 30-minute scenic seaplane ride took us to our main destination, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Watching the other islands pass us by, floating between different shades of blue made me not want to ever land the plane. Setting foot on the island, I felt instantly regal and ready for what’s to come.

Day two, five meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral forests and fluorescent fish, we started off the day – the Conrad Maldives Hotel opened its doors for us to visit the chilling Muraka. First of its kind, The Muraka is a two-story, three bedroom residence with a room that sits just below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Falling asleep to the passing underwater wildlife and shockingly fascinating corals is a site worth traveling for. The designs remain minimalistic as to not distract from the live surroundings. A dedicated team is present at all times to ensure the comfort of all guests. The name “THE Muraka” means coral in Dhivehi, the native language. The name emphasizes the unity between the people and the ocean.

Aside from the stunning infrastructure and 5-star standards The Conrad Maldives is living out the promise of corporate responsibility. The main challenge disrupting the islands’ overall health has been plastic. The problem does not only stem from the plastic being washed up after being constantly dumped into our oceans, but it is also a problem when the islands do not have proper waste management systems in place. It is upto the island locals to manage plastic waste, and so The Conrad Maldives has taken it upon itself to take responsibility for the surrounding ecosystems and communities.

The Conrad embarks on plastic run with island locals and hotel staff. | Photos by Don Dao

The Conrad embarks on plastic run with island locals and hotel staff. | Photos by Don Dao

One of the most enticing adventures we had was the Water Thrills at Dhangethi Island. We embarked on an island tour to visit the Dhangethi community and witness the ways in which The Conrad Maldives shows support through education and the development of hydroponic systems to support self-sustaining farming. The Conrad Maldives also hosts plastic runs where locals from the islands run along the beach with the hotel staff and pick up plastic and other harmful trash along the way. The Conrad Maldives is also keen on going as zero waste as possible. Reducing and mostly removing all packaged items in hotel rooms, buffets and all around the hotel. It was impressive to observe first hand how The Conrad Maldives takes care of the communities surrounding the hotel.

The prestigious hotel even hosted John K. Melvin, an eco-artist who makes site-specific art, who used plastic bottles to create a chandelier as a move to raise awareness about the overbearing amounts of plastic in our oceans. His work was breathtaking and showed that anyone can create beauty out of something potentially destructive.

From the breathtaking views the islands provide of the Indian Ocean, to the corporate responsibility the hotel has committed to, we can ensure that the Maldives is the place to visit with The Conrad Maldives Hotel.

The Conrad Maldives also hosts plastic runs along the beach for guests to pick up any trash. From plastic runs to producing energy, and growing agriculture, Conrad Maldives Hotels around the world are working to create a more sustainable hotel experience, while managing to keep guests engaged and entertained.

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