Outsmart your Supermarket

By Rana Jan

Keep that halala in your pocket.

Grocery shopping is a mundane element in our everyday life, to the extent that it has became an unconscious experience. Outsmart your supermarket, and you will see an obvious difference in your receipts.

  • The Supermarket Chain

Choose a supermarket and stick to it. Shopping from a fixed place will make it easier to notice price changes on products.

  • Acquire the Habit of Comparison

We all know the layout tricks and how retailers place the most expensive items on the “bulls-eye” zone line. These products carry the highest mark-up. Usually, they are either bestsellers or the manufacturer just paid extra to place them there. Therefore, they are not necessarily the best. Buy the minimum of fruits and vegetables, while considering your household count. Purchase for a four to five day stock, to avoid “sunk costs” if they decompose.

  • If you are buying your cheese/dairies from the deli counter, look for the same type in the aisle fridge. You will probably find it, as a packaged dairy with a lower price.

  • Do not economize on meat and poultry for obvious reasons. Buy those clean lean cuts for your steak.

  • When planning a mini shop, grab the mini cart instead of the larger one or you will end up paying for grabbing unnecessary items.

  • Finally, have a decent meal before grocery shopping. The hungrier, the more impulsive.

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