Our country has ranked Top 10 Worldwide for Superior Digital Government!

In a study conducted by BCG, service respondents convey that the country has scored in the top quintile of all countries surveyed.

In line with the launch of the report, BCG X will be participating at LEAP in Riyadh to share the latest insights on AI and digital government. The country’s respondents have saluted the digital government adoption with 68 percent accessing related through online channels at least once a week which is set to be higher than the global average of 49 percent.

Fun fact! BCG X will be part of LEAP and there, they will be sharing more on the latest AI and digital government insights. 

According to Boston Consulting Group’s study “Personal and Proactive Digital Government: Accelerating GCC Journey”, when talking about the emerging digital government services, it has been placed in the 7th position for Saudi Arabia considering their strong adoption and delivery. This study has shown that the digital government services are now an essential and fundamental part of the residents in Saudi. This study also conveys that the digital government service’s satisfaction level in Saudi ranks at 75 percent in the ranking of global net experience. 

Partner & Director, Digital Transformation, Rami Mourtada said, “In 2022, COVID-related services have emerged as a benchmark for customer expectations, with their fast go-to-market times, frequent new feature updates, and advanced functionality. In fact, the most used digital government services in the GCC echo global patterns, with COVID-related services ranking #1 both regionally and globally.”

“Overall, GCC countries (including KSA) offer more sophisticated digital government services, which equates to more complex transactions – including registering or using a job search, accessing COVID-19 services, and processing visa, residency, or work permits – which all rank higher in terms of usage than the global averages, where simple transactions like accessing information are still more common.” He added. 

BCG X which is BCG’s new tech build and design unit is set to be fronting at LEAP which is Saudi’s up-and-coming global tech conference. There, Miguel Carrasco who is the co-author of BCG’s report and the Global Leader of the Center for Digital Government is said to be the one who will host a keynote on ‘Generative Government’ where he will be shedding some light upon the latest and more recent research. “Digital government is fundamental to Saudi Arabia’s long-term plan for world-class public sector services, in line with Vision 2030, and our new digital government survey highlights the kingdom’s progress in this space. Further exploring the exciting potential of generative leadership and technology, and how governments can adopt these concepts to maximize their impact and outcomes, will be a key theme I plan to explore during the conference.” Miguel said. 

In addition to that, the conference will also feature other AI experts like Ronny Fehling and Leonid Zhukov to have a platform where they can share their expertise on topics like zero-based bias, generative AI and responsible AI.

The Digital Government Citizen Survey (DGCS) study, which includes citizens and residents – spanning 40 countries, 26 digital government services, and almost 30,000 individual responses – also highlighted other findings to understand the broader trends in digital government service delivery. Overall, GCC residents are satisfied with digital government services, appreciating benefits including understandable language, multiple platform accessibility, and easy access to information.

The managing director of BCG, Lars Littig, has also said, “Saudi Arabia is looking to become one of the top 15 nations in artificial intelligence by 2030. To this end, the Kingdom aims to train 20,000 data and AI experts, launch more than 300 active AI startups, and attract $20 billion in foreign investments by 2030.”

Ending on a good note
BCG’s Managing Director, Semyon Schetinin ended with an aspiring quote, “Overall, Saudi Arabia should continue to track people’s evolving needs, while innovating and investing in technology that yields efficiency gains, community benefits, and most importantly, value for residents and residents.”

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