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Organic is the New Black

2 Minutes Read | April 1, 2017

Organic is the New Black

Quick look at local Rayana Organic Farm.

Rayana Organic Farm is the Balghunaim family farm in Al Ahsa. Fahad Balghunaim has been working for years to build his own farm. Always environmentally conscious, he even decided to go organic. With the help of his daughter Amal and after two years of work, Rayana Organic Farm was certified by The Saudi Organic Farming Association and has acquired Kiwa BCS Organic Certification for 10 years.chamomile_rayanaorganicfarm_alahsa_2017_haa-2

Today, Rayana Farm is a well-developed organic farm, producing a variety of grains, vegetables, herbal plants and dates. Still, it’s very challenging maintaining a regular farm, let alone an organic one. There’s a lot more planning involved with organic farming, and simple tasks have to be done more carefully, such as manually removing weeds. Also, while conventional farmers use pesticides and toxic chemicals to fight insects and viruses, an organic farmer would use plant-derived products to fight such problems.fenugreek_rayanaorganicfarm_alahsa_2017_haa-2

The Balghunaims are very committed to organic farming and to supply the community with clean and healthy products which makes them very conscious about the methods they use.

One of Rayana’s philosophies is having a relationship with their customers and community, educating them on what organic food is all about. They encourage people to come and see the farm in action, including the harvesting, the animals and all the labor involved.rayanaorganicfarm_alahsa_2017_haa-1

You can buy some of their products online through (only in Riyadh for now) or the W99l app, or you can contact them directly by phone or email. They offer home delivery in Riyadh, Al Ahsa, Qatif, Khobar and Dammam and they ship to all regions in the Kingdom.rayanaorganicfarm_alahsa_2017_haa-6

“I see it in my daughter,” said Amal Balghunaim. “When we get up in the morning, she picks her eggs and we cook it together for breakfast. Knowing that she is the one who got the eggs, she’ll grow up with respect about where food comes from. She’ll appreciate the story, the environment and what it has to offer for us. When you care for something, it gives back.”

Mob: +966-504164451
Instagram: RayanaOrganic


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