Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Once it Turns Black, It Never Goes Back

Once it Turns Black, It Never Goes Back

Or does it?

Just when things seem to be going really well with your plant, you come back from a weeklong holiday to a plant that has given up on life. As depressing as those black stems and leaves may be, don’t give up just yet. There are a few ways to determine if your plant has a living chance.P08_1609_Gardenia_Deficiency_0

Signs: Yellowing and softening leaves.
Problem: You’re feeding the plant too much water.
Solution: To find out how often to water the plant, check the soil– if it’s still damp or wet, you don’t have to water yet. If it’s dry, it needs to be watered. Also make sure the pot has proper drainage holes in the bottom, sometimes what the pot provides isn’t enough.

Autumn-Leaves-3Signs: Brown, crispy leaves. Leaves that are falling off.
Problem: You’re not watering the plant enough.
Solution: Again, get a feel of the water in the soil. Remember every plant has a different requirement, and you need to get a feel of yours.

poets_laurel_leaves_aspidiotusSigns: Fine webbing on the plant and tiny insects.
Problem: You’ve got pests.
Solution: Pests that generally invade houseplants are mites, scales and whiteflies. These teeny insects can spread from infected plants to healthy ones, so make sure to separate a sick one as soon as you notice the infection.

Dead_LeafSigns: Worn-out leaves and decreasing soil levels.
Problem: Malnutrition
Solution: Potted plants live in limited amount of soil, and the nutrients in that soil fade in time. Some dirt gets washed out of the pot each time you water the plant. The simplest solution is to add new potting soil by lifting the plant and the root completely and adding a little soil to the bottom, or by simply adding a thin layer to the top of the soil.

yellow_and_green_leaf_by_tash11_stockSigns: Burnt, yellowing leaves.
Problem: Too much sunlight.
Solution: You are going to need to change the amount of light your plant is getting. Especially if you just trimmed the stems, you have to give it around half of the suggested light for that plant type until it shows new growth. You can also test out different windows around the house to find the perfect spot to make your plant happy.

Help! My plant is in a coma!

The extra mile…

Humidity: Remember that most plants like humidity. And we just don’t have that here in Riyadh. Have no fear! You can instead place a pan filled with gravel underneath your plant. Add a little water to the pan (make sure the water doesn’t go above the gravel). As the water evaporates, it will increase the humidity around your plant.

Nutrients: Plants, like people, need proper nutrition to stay healthy. To give your plant a boost, add used teabags in your potting soil or empty the tea leaves directly into the pot. You can also add a 1/2-inch layer of used coffee grounds in the soil.

When All Else Fails

Step 1: Pinch a small part of the dying plant and look for a green and slightly moist tip. If you find any, then breathe, there is hope.

Step 2: If you find a dry colorless stem, it’s time to prepare a memorial service for your late plant.

Step 3: Visit Sultan Gardens to buy a new indoor plant which can survive Riyadh’s harsh weather. Just ask the shopkeeper for some advice and he will most probably give you what suits you best.

And… you can always just get a plastic one that would last forever.


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