Noura Pharmacy: A Pioneer in the Organic World

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Tala Al Sahsah talks about her family business and Saudi’s health movement.

It is no surprise that Noura Pharmacy is one of the most famous names in Jeddah. The pharmacy has been founded by Dr. Ishaq Al Sahsah and had been of the very first places to introduce organic products to the market and to focus on cosmetic, skin and hair items, not just pharmaceuticals.

Tala Al Sahsah, importation manager at Noura, is the founder’s daughter and has definitely brought in some new blood to the 35 year old business. “I have started the healthy imported section at the pharmacies. So I concentrated on all that is organic, gluten free and sugar free. Not only that, but also organic mosquito repellent, organic deodorants and lots of products without any harmful chemicals.”

When asked whether the father and daughter are similar or different to each other, Tala replies, “We are somehow close in personality, but different in management.”

Tala evaluates the organic trend in the Kingdom as she has seen how people are heading towards a healthier lifestyle nowadays. “People are more aware of what non organic items would do to their health and how harmful they could be. We have witnessed a tremendous shift in the Saudi consumer’s interest in healthy and organic foods. So we always try to get products which would serve this purpose and not be expensive to buy.”

As for Noura’s newest addition, it has introduced the Little Noura section that provides all mothers and babies needs ranging from diapers, bottles, pacifiers to even toys. Noura Pharmacy has three branches in Jeddah: Falasteen, Tahlia and Prince Sultan streets. It will also open soon in Riyadh.

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