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New Yorker

By Nadine Hussain

New Yorker is a very famous shop that has exceeded expectations in succeeding and having a good popularity. It has so many branches in Jeddah, which you can find anywhere close to you. American style is theirs, and they continue to expand their fashion trends in the course of the year, which makes it more favorable. They have all kinds of trousers, t-shirts, simple dresses, bags and others after. You will find all you need to be modern and very cool whilst traveling or even staying home. They constantly have sales through the year and thus, their prices become really affordable. Also, they sell girly accessories, makeup and wonderful shoes to match your clothing. They actually don’t stick to a specific style type, hence exploring a New Yorker’s style as wished. It is the right place for you to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if you have only a certain amount of money you’re restricted to. Moreover, they have different sizes and most importantly, small sizes are available. With that being said, you will no longer waste your time looking for your size.

Are you about to travel as Eid approaches and want to look unique and very casual? Don’t miss the chance and go to New Yorker.

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