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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

New Ramadan Series & Cooking Shows on OSN Yahala Al Oula, ART & Alfa Channels

New Ramadan Series & Cooking Shows on OSN Yahala Al Oula, ART & Alfa Channels

This Ramadan OSN the region’s leading entertainment platform, brings all the best Ramadan content together in one place, giving subscribers full control over how they watch them on their OSN Box with record, pause and rewind features.

OSN Yahala AlOula HD will be broadcasting the best in Arabic drama and comedy series starring the biggest stars from all over the Arab world including Adel Imam, Abed Fahad, Saud Abdulla, Bassil Khayat and many more. Viewers can enjoy episodes from Valentino, Al Saher, Janat Halli, El Berens, Louha Mae’la and many more.

OSN Yahala AlOula


s2gxlsyx8fbzbybng7se3h46bzd-copyValentino (1st of Ramadan, daily at 22:00 KSA)

Adel Imam is back on TV this Ramadan with a hilarious comedy series. The story revolves around a businessman ‘Adel Imam’ married to a stubborn woman, ‘Dalal Abdulaziz’. He frequently suffers conflicts with her which makes him think of marrying another woman. He meets another woman by chance, and love brings them together.

al-saher-poster-02-copyAl Sahher (1st of Ramadan, daily until 20th Ramadan at 21:00 KSA)

This is the story of an ordinary man with a different kind of charisma who left a small and simple country and entered a world of adults. Abed Fahad stars along with Stephanie Saliba.

al-nahat-poster-01-copyAl Nahat (1st of Ramadan, daily until 15th Ramadan at 19:00 KSA)

“Yaman”, visits an antique shop and was given a photo album that reveals a strange story and the fate of the people in the photo. Basel Khayat stars alongside Amal Bashosha.

janat-hali-copyJannat Hali (1st of Ramadan, daily at 12:00am KSA)

Starring Souad Abdullah, the series presents sensitive issues that compare two generations; the open-minded 1970s’ hippy generaration that studied abroad and today’s conservative generation.

louha-ma2ela-copyLouha Mae’la (21st until 30th of Ramadan, daily at 21:00 KSA)

A drama series of excitement, mystery, and suspense which revolves around two friends Tarek & Thamer. The dramatic plot involves a search for truth, someone falling into a coma and the pursuit of revenge. Bader Al Ladeed and Ali Al Saad stars.

kohol-abyad-16-0-copyKohol Abiad (15th until 30th of Ramadan, daily at 19:00 KSA)

This is the story of Rahaf, a beautiful university girl who suffers from depression. Rahaf finds herself in a terrible situation when she ends up in a compromising position and is blackmailed by her friend Aser. Turki Youssef stars alongside Shaimaa Sabat.


For Cooking Lovers


tabe5-arabi-horizental-arabic-copyAl Matbakh Al Arabi (1st of Ramadan, daily at 17:30 KSA)

The Mediterranean Cuisine cooking show consists of 30 episodes by Chef Suliman Al Khowund. Each episode will introduce a recipe that revolves around savory dishes, as well as desserts found in different countries from the Mediterranean and Arab region.

img_3908-copyMay’s Kitchen s1 (1st of Ramadan, daily at 18:00 KSA)

May’s Kitchen is a cooking show based on May’s real life. It takes place in her house and involves her family and friends showcasing how food is a key element of her everyday life. The memories we make with family and friends around a table full of food, cooked from the heart. May wants to inspire people to get into their kitchens and cook their hearts off to create their own unforgettable memories with their family and friends.

poster-al-prince-mohammad-ramadan-copyEl Berens (1st of Ramadan, daily at 23:00 KSA)

This series is the story of family drama around the El berens family, particularly Radwan El berens, who, after the death of his parents finds himself responsible for everyone. Mohamed Ramadan stars in this drama series.

b-100-wesh-landscape-copyB100 Wesh (1st of Ramadan, daily at 20:00 KSA)

This is a comedy-drama starring Nelly Karim and Asser Yassin where the two face the ironies of life.

poster-al-fetuwwah-copyEl Futowa (1st of Ramadan, daily at 1:00am KSA)

Starring Yasser Galal alongside Ahmed Salah Hosny, the series takes place in the world of poor neighborhoods, which are organized and run by a class of powerful people.


ART Channels Ramadan Content

4g2a0004-copySultanat Al Ma’az (1st of Ramadan, daily at 21:00 KSA in ART Hekayat and Hekayat HD)

Ghada Abdel Razek plays the role of an urban woman who owns a liver truck on Al Moez Street, which she inherited from her father and is spending to educate and raise her brothers. It is considered their only income source until something unexpected happens that changes everything.

green-mood-3-copyShahed A’ayan (1st of Ramadan, daily at 21:00 KSA in ART Hekayat 2)

The series revolves around a security officer, Omar who takes part in an investigation for his missing wife with dramatic results. Hassan El Raddad stars in this action spy thriller.

main-poster-salem-1-copyJamea’ Salem (1st of Ramadan, daily at 20:00 KSA in ART Hekayat 2)

The story of four siblings who were adopted from different families after their house was destroyed and their parents passed away. Events continue until fate brings them together during a complicated situation. Zeina stars in this thriller series.

poster2-copyEl Ekhteyar (1st of Ramadan, daily at 23:00 KSA in ART Hekayat and Hekayat HD)

The series deals with the life of the martyr Ahmed Saber Mansi, who died in an ambush at Rafah in 2017, during a terrorist attack in Sinai. Amira Karara stars in this action series.

forsa-tania-2-copyForsa Tanya (1st of Ramadan, daily at 22:00 KSA in ART Hekayat and Hekayat HD)

The series follows Malak, a successful engineer who has many failed romantic relationships because of her love for her work, until she finds herself becoming a prey for the greedy. Yasmine Sabry stars alongside Edward and Iten Amer.

layalina80layers-copyLaialina80 (1st of Ramadan, daily at 22:00 KSA in ART Hekayat 2)

The series takes place from the 1950s to the 1980s, when a great struggle takes place between two families and events escalate. A star-studded cast consisting of Eyad Nassar, Ghada Adel and Khaled El Sawy star in this drama series.

motorcycle-poster-01-copyRegalet El Beat (1st of Ramadan, daily at 20:00 KSA in ART Hekayat and Hekayat HD)

An Egyptian comedy starring Ahmad Fahmy, Akram Hosny, Bayoumy Fouad, Dina Mohsen, Lotfy Labib and Arafa Abdel Rasoul. In the series, Timon and Pumba move to stay in their grandfather’s house where they face the challenges of taking full responsibility. They must join hands with the rest of the family to stand up to the landlord who is trying to take back their home to build a residential tower.

img-20200416-wa0028-copyHares Al Jabal (1st of Ramadan, daily at 23:00 KSA in ART Hekayat 2)

A Bidwin drama that presents unique stories of tribes with much suspense. It revolves in a year called the “Year of Death” in which the region witnessed starvation, disease and drought that led to wars and invasions between tribes to survive. Despite all these challenges, love remains in place and brings the most beautiful love stories in times of conflict.

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