Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

New Neutrogena® Soothing Clear™ Launched Across the GCC

New Neutrogena® Soothing Clear™ Launched Across the GCC

The ultimate turmeric-infused solution for clearer, healthier-looking skin.

Sensitive and acne-prone skin will soon be a thing of the past for women across the Middle East with the official launch of Neutrogena Soothing Clear™, the newest edition to Neutrogena’s powerful, effective yet gentle skincare options.

Carefully created by Neutrogena’s team of highly trained dermatologists and skincare experts, the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ range features a powerful mix of modern, skin-friendly ingredients and natural products.

The range is formulated to activate the complex benefits of turmeric, known across the region and beyond for having far-reaching medicinal properties that can benefit the skincare regimens of today’s modern woman.

Turmeric is famous for being rich in antioxidants and for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it the ideal ingredient for Neutrogena’s new product line that is designed to gently soothe and rejuvenate problem areas to deliver healthier looking skin, fast.

Non-staining, non-comedogenic, lightweight, and oil-free range, Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ does not dry out the skin, instead, its calming properties make it ideal for treating spot-prone, combination, or dehydrated skin.

Arriving in stores around the GCC, Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ is created with the needs of women in the region in mind, with five products that each expertly and powerfully target a specific area of skincare.

Available as a Mask, Mousse Cleanser, Mist, Moisturizer, and Micellar Jelly, the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ range is a must-have for everyday use and specializes in caring for sensitive, acne prone skin.


Tips on how to best use this range:

Start with make-up removal using the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ Micellar Jelly, available in 200ml, which is perfect for gently removing make-up from stressed skin. Its cushiony jelly melts into the skin without stripping it of essential oils for a healthy, balanced look and feel.

Perfect for unclogging pores and soothing stressed areas, the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ Mask, available in 50ml, utilizes skin-friendly turmeric and non-harsh ingredients to absorb oils that can cause breakouts without overdrying for balanced, healthy-looking results.

Follow that by the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ Mousse Cleanser, available in 150ml, that gently cleanses and hydrates with turmeric a key ingredient in effectively removing oil, dirt, make-up, impurities, and clearing clogged pores without stripping the skin of moisture.

Then, refresh and soothe spot-prone skin, using the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ Mist, available in 125ml, a fine turmeric mist that delivers a quick pick-me-up for the skin, making it ideal for first thing in the morning.

Finally, use the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ Moisturizer, available in 75ml, instantly hydrates and calms to soothe irritated and spot-prone skin thanks to its non-greasy and water-based formula that utilizes natural turmeric.

Neutrogena’s long-standing traditions, expertise, and commitment to providing the best and most effective beauty and skincare products to women around the globe can be seen in the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ range and the great results clients experience after adding the products to their daily skincare routines.

The Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ range has been created to help women in the region by offering a modern yet holistic range of products, advanced ingredients, and traditional treatments. Sensitive skin is an area of concern for women of all ages, with environmental factors, food, and lifestyle choices playing a role in creating problems. By harnessing the hugely beneficial properties of turmeric, a much loved and widely used plant that is a mainstay of cultures across the region, the Neutrogena Soothing Clear™ range delivers wonderful results fast, with women enjoying soothed, smooth and healthy-looking skin.

To learn more about Neutrogena Soothing Clear™, visit


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