Neutrogena® Exclusively Launches Bright Boost Collection™ Across the GCC – the Newest & Most Advanced Solution for Dull and Uneven Skin

Neutrogena Bright Boost™ range is composed of four amazing products for more radiant and even skin in just one week.

  • Available for the very first time, the exclusive Neoglucosamine® ingredient delivers advanced resurfacing benefits that boost the skin’s natural renewal process by up to 10x faster

June 2021 — Women across the GCC can say goodbye forever to dull and uneven skin with the official launch of Neutrogena’s most advanced and effective skincare collection yet – Neutrogena Bright Boost™.

Set to arrive in stores across the region for the very first time from July 2021, the exclusive new Neutrogena Bright Boost™ product range has been carefully created to help women achieve brighter and more even radiant skin that shines with a healthy and happy glow in just one week’s time. ntg_3574661591599_emea_bright_boost_serum_me_eg_30ml_010-copy

Formulated with the unique skincare needs of women in the Middle East in mind, the Neutrogena Bright Boost™ range will effectively combat the harsh effects of intense daily heat and dust while gently refreshing the skin for a natural, clearer, cleaner, and more even tone.

By targeting dullness, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and the most common skincare problems at once, Neutrogena Bright Boost™ will deliver a smoother tone with fast and visible results. Users will see dull skin fully awakened for a 100% fresh and energized look.

As one of the most advanced and sought-after skincare solutions available, Neutrogena Bright Boost™ will efficiently harness the three essential aspects for radiant skin – resurfacing, pigmentation and hydration. ntg_3574661592909_emea_bright_boost_dual_face_polish_me_75ml_mobile-copy

The Neutrogena Bright Boost™ daily regimen will reveal brighter, wide-awake skin in just one week of use with guaranteed and rapid results delivered through four key products: A Resurfacing Micro Polish, an Illuminating Serum, a Gel Cream and a Facial Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

The Neutrogena Bright Boost™ collection is powered by a unique ingredient, Neoglucosamine®; a gentle, non-acid amino sugar exfoliant that helps boost surface cell turnover by up to 10 times while also working in harmony with other powerful skin-brightening ingredients for a brighter, more even-looking skin. Additionally, Neoglucosamine® helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, it is an amazing and prestigious ingredient that gives the Neutrogena Bright Boost™ range its incredible benefits and exceptional results.ntg_3574661591537_emea_bright_boost_gel_cream_me_eg_50ml_jar_000-copy

Used before moisturizing, the Neutrogena Bright Boost™ Resurfacing Micro Polish possesses three times the polishing power of a normal scrub. The silky-smooth Illuminating Serum instantly brightens the skin thanks to Neoglucosamine® combined with Tumeric extract. Used twice a day, the rich Gel Cream’s powerful Neoglucosamine® ingredient boosts surface cell turnover by 10 times. To be applied in the morning before makeup, the sheer, lightweight Facial Moisturizer both brightens and protects effectively thanks to its combination of Neoglucosamine® and Morninga Seed Extract.

Neutrogena’s newest, most advanced, and hardest working skincare collection, Neutrogena Bright Boost™ range also features effective ingredients such as Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid that helps to brighten skin.ntg_3574661593807_emea_bright_boost_gel-cream_spf_me_eg_50ml_010-copy

Neutrogena’s long-standing traditions, expertise, and commitment to providing the best and most effective beauty and skincare products to women around the globe can be seen in the dedication of the team behind the new Neutrogena Bright Boost™ range.

A four-woman team of talented scientists, made up of Anna Rose, Carine Hardy, Anna Trondoli, and Diyana Sudarson, called on their firsthand personal skincare experience and scientific expertise to develop the collection.

Anna Rose, Principal Scientist, R&D Skin Health, Johnson & Johnson, said: “We as women know what women need, so we designed these products with those needs in mind. To counteract ‘skin sins’ like late nights, lack proper sunscreen use, poor food choices, and even dehydration, we needed to look beyond simple formulations to achieve the very best results quickly and effectively.”

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