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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Netflix’s ‘Because She Created’ showcases Arab Female Filmmakers at Red Sea Film Festival

Netflix’s ‘Because She Created’ showcases Arab Female Filmmakers at Red Sea Film Festival

Women storytellers have unique stories to tell and giving them a chance to tell their stories in their own voice, creates a space for more authentic stories that haven’t been told before.

This year, Netflix is creating a dedicated space at Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival to celebrate the pioneering spirit of four iconic women filmmakers from the Arab world, helping amplify their voices to an audience of esteemed industry professionals and inspiring future generations of female storytellers.

The ‘Because She Created’ space is a creative exhibition that celebrates the women who have helped shape the Arab entertainment industry over the years. Open to festival attendees from 3 to 6 December, it aims to highlight the important role that women have, and continue to play in growing and enriching the Arab entertainment industry by shining a spotlight on their craft, and recognizing the unique challenges they’ve faced in their journey.

The star-studded lineup includes award-winning actress and Executive Producer of Netflix’s Finding Ola – Hend Sabry, acclaimed Saudi film director and creator of Netflix’s first Saudi Thriller, Whispers – Hana Alomair, the brains behind the first predominantly female Arabic Netflix production Al Rawabi School for Girls – Tima Shomali, and Kaouther Ben Hania, director of Baby Doll and Lamb Chops from Netflix’s anthology series ‘Love, Life, and Everything in Between.’


Nuha El Tayeb, Director of Acquisitions for MENA and Turkey at Netflix said: “Bringing forward talent that will inspire others and drive increased equality behind and in front of the camera opens up opportunities for untold stories. I hope that this space allows more women to take charge and tell their stories in their own voice, so that more people have the chance to see their lives reflected on screen and be part of an industry that champions representation.”

Each of the filmmakers will have a dedicated corner recounting milestones from their careers, their passion for filmmaking, the ups and downs they’ve faced, and advice to young women embarking on careers in the film industry. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about Netflix’s Because She Created platform, which has celebrated and supported Arab women in filmmaking through various initiatives, training programs, content, and financial support.

Through the Because She Created platform, Netflix has been shining a spotlight on the creative, talented, inspirational women who are blazing new trails in film. Whether it’s through content on the service like the Because She Created collection, financial grants through the Creative Equity Fund or initiatives like the Because She Created Writing Program, Netflix is providing a platform for female storytellers to pursue equal opportunities, and help break the glass ceiling for women in entertainment. The Because She Created Space at the Red Sea Film Festival is another step in this journey.
Everyone accredited for the Red Souq is able to attend the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the remarkable female voices that are shaping the future of the Arab entertainment industry.


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