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An innovative Art Hub at the Heart of Riyadh

An art hub that never seizes to awe, Naila Art Gallery has made a name for itself for hosting solo and international artist exhibitions. Its two-floor reconfigurable space makes it one of the biggest venues for the contemporary art scene.

Apart from being a gallery, it has played host and organizer for a variety of creative initiatives in the city; from workshops, art talks to seminars and symposiums. Naila takes pride in fostering talents both emerging and established. It represents Muhammad Zaza, Toufic Al-Hamidi, Fahad Al-Niemah, Abdullah Al Marzook, Ghada Al-Hassan, and Ayman Zedani; Riyadh artists who have made a mark both locally and internationally.

Moreover, since its establishment, Naila has has been host to a number of local and international exhibitions, including non-profit exhibitions promoting art and culture. Being an active partner in the art community, it has hosted Art Riyadh, which championed over 30 emerging artists during Saudi Design Week. Moreover, it has been known as the go to place for collaborative multi-artist exhibitions.

All of Naila Art Gallery’s activities and programs work towards a single mission celebrating contemporary art.

Contact Info

Phone: +966 11 880 5352 / +966 11 880 5346

Source: Naila Art Gallery

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