Nadwa Zahid and Finding your Zen

A Reiki master and an energy healing practitioner.

What does the Nadwa Zahid brand do?

Nadwa Zahid takes you on a journey of self-discovery. It is based on a holistic approach, which focuses on the use of life force energy to help with life navigation. It promotes self-growth and removes fear, stress and anxiety by building self-esteem, strengthening spiritual discipline and identifying one’s potential.

Why do you think energy healing can be more powerful than regular medicine?

Conventional medicine focuses on the passive process of curing an illness. However, being cured doesn’t mean that the contributing emotional and psychological stresses were also removed. Subsequently, the illness is likely to reoccur.

Energy healing, on the other hand, identifies the cause of the illness and the resulting blockages in order to pinpoint the emotional, physical and mental patterns. Therefore, energy healing is an active process; the patients’ willingness to participate is necessary for its success.

What are Reiki and Theta healing?

Reiki is a healing system, originating in Japan in the early 20th century, using hands on healing methods that can be applied to heal most physical ailments from a simple headache to a physical injury. Theta healing allows people to access and consciously release their limiting beliefs.

IMG_0066Have you faced any difficulties in convincing people of these healing methods, especially in this region?

One of the main misconceptions that people in this region have about this work is that it somehow contradicts Islam. This is simply not true. True, sustainable peace and happiness comes from within, by removing negative thoughts and becoming more mindful, grateful and compassionate; all of which are Islamic attributes. Energy healing, Reiki or Theta helps us achieve that.

What are the benefits of personal development and breathing?

Personal development takes you on a reflective journey so you can to live a purposeful life with meaning and direction. Mindful meditation is learning how to breathe correctly; your mind and body relax allowing your body’s energy to flow freely, keeping your channels open and providing clarity.

IMG_0107Are there any day-to-day meditation tips?

Find a quiet time of the day when you can spend five to ten minutes focusing on your breathing. Sit cross-legged, close your eyes and just breathe normally. Keep an open mind during the meditation and breathe through the physical and/or emotional feelings. There is no right or wrong way in meditation, so don’t judge yourself; each experience will be different.

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