Water in the Desert

Salaam Park

A rough guide to Riyadh’s lakes and dams.

Salboukh Water Reservoir

Around 70 km from Riyadh, Salbukh Dam is a brilliant place to sit down, relax, have a barbeque and enjoy the beautiful breeze. You can buy and fly kites and also ride quad bikes. And guess what? Women can also ride the bikes here.

Best time of the year: rainy season when the dam is full of fresh rain water.

GPS coordinates: 25.074341,46.337040

Namar Lake

Wadi Namar is one of the tributaries of Wadi Hanifah and is another must visit place near Riyadh.

The lake is always full of water all year round and is a perfect place for walks and barbeques, or take the kids for some buggy rides and bouncy castles. This place has it all.

DR Tip: The lake has lots of ducks as well and they are very friendly, especially if they think you have some food.

GPS coordinates: 24.5719° N, 46.6779° E

Namar Running Stream

If you wish to venture a little further from the Namar Lake picnic area there is an open land which has a hidden stream to explore. This stream has gushing water flowing out of the rocks. We are not sure if this is a natural or an artificial stream but it’s worth the visit.

Salaam Park

The oldest park in the city, Salaam is surrounded by mounded lawns that subtly divides it into smaller spaces. Fishing and pedal boating are just a small selection of the activities offered here. Children can skim the water surface while tumbling around like hamsters in gigantic water-walking balls. One of the lakesides is reserved for local and migrating birds to promote natural life.

Fee: The entrance fee is SR 5 and is open from 1 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Special Message: Please cart out your garbage when you leave and keep these places clean.

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