Must Knows about Vitamin D in Saudi Arabia

If you live in Saudi Arabia, then you have surely come across someone, perhaps a friend or a family member, who suffers from Vitamin D deficiency.

Maybe you do too. Indeed, our new way of life, which is increasingly indoor and less mobile warrants that we all could use more vitamin D than we currently have.

How could a country, with limitless sunshine all year round, have citizens that lack in this essential micronutrient that is important for bone and dental health, hormonal balance, cancer prevention, and other preventable chronic diseases? For, low Vitamin D levels have been linked to mental diseases and depression.

The answer, I have realized is quite known among sufferers of Vitamin D deficiency. I’ve asked most ladies (who come to my classes and who suffer from extremely low Vitamin D) about the reasons behind the deficiency and they answer correctly: ‘Insufficient exposure to sunlight’.

And yet, I realized that the nitty gritty details that make or break how to solve this growing problem, are very often unknown. Below are the must knows about vitamin D,

Please note: I recommend you always check with your doctor before beginning a self prescribed regimen or following any online advice.

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