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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Most Memorable Muhammad Ali Quotes

Most Memorable Muhammad Ali Quotes
  1. “The name Muhammad is the most commonname in the world. In all the countries around the world — Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon — there are more Muhammads than anything else. When I joined the Nation of Islam and became a Muslim, they gave me the most famous name because I was the champ.”
  1. “I bear the name of our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), and it is impossible that I allow people to trample over his name.”

His show of respect for the Prophet’s name is iconic!

  1. “The word ‘Islam’ means ‘peace.’ The word ‘Muslim’ means ‘one who surrenders to God.’ But the press makes us seem like haters.”

He spoke up for the message of peace that Islam embodies. Muhammad Ali’s conviction in Islam made him one of the most outspoken Muslims in the world.

  1. “Allah is the Arabic term for God. Stand up for God, fight for God, work for God and do the right thing, and go the right way, things will end up in your corner.”

Muhammad Ali teaches us that it’s important to serve Allah and always do the right thing. It is the only way we’ll achieve goodness in this life and the next.

  1. “It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”
  1. “God tries you in certain, certain ways. Some people are rich, and they believe in God. They lose the money, things get hard, they get weak and quit going to church. Quit serving God like they did.”

He reminds us that we must not lose our faith when things get difficult because life is a series of tests.

  1. “I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given. I believed in myself, and I believe in the goodness of others.”
  1. “To be able to give away riches is mandatory if you wish to possess them. This is the only way that you will be truly rich.”

Muhammad Ali reminds us that generosity and charity are better than accumulating wealth.

  1. “The only thing that matters is submitting to the will of God.”
  1. “Its lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.”

Always rely on your faith to do better in life.

  1. “I didn’t want to submit to the army and then, on the Day of Judgment, have God say to me, ‘Why did you do that?’ This life is a trial, and you realize that what you do is going to be written down for Judgment Day.”

Muhammad Ali’s refusal to join the army was an iconic decision that reflected his belief in doing what is good.

  1. “God gave me Parkinson’s syndrome to show me I’m not ‘The Greatest’ – he is. God gave me this illness to remind me that I’m not Number One; He is.”

At the end of it all, Muhammad Ali truly believed in the Greatness of Allah.

  1. “All through my life, I have been tested. My will has been tested, my courage has been tested, my strength has been tested. Now my patience and endurance are being tested.”
  1. “I try not to speak about all the charities and people I help, because I believe we can only be truly generous when we expect nothing in return.”

Muhammad Ali believed in keeping his chartable affairs private, as per the teachings of Islam.

  1. “Truly great people in history never wanted to be great for themselves. All they wanted was the chance to do good for others and be close to God.”
  1. “The greatest victory in life is to rise above the material things that we once valued most.”
  1. “Throughout my life, I never sought retribution against those who hurt me because I believe in forgiveness. I have practiced forgiving, just as I want to be forgiven. Only God knows what’s in a person’s heart, his true intentions. He sees and hears all things.”

These beautiful words of wisdom reveal the importance of forgiving.

  1. “Even when I knew people were cheating me, what was important was how I behaved, because I have to answer to God. I can’t be responsible for other people’s actions: They will have to answer to God themselves.”

He reminded us that we are answerable to Allah alone.

  1. “We spend more time learning how to make a living than we do learning to make a life.”

He reminded us that our goal in life should not be making money.

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