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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Mint: Natural Delights and Products

Mint: Natural Delights and Products

Nada Al Gain, mother of two, founded Mint; a home based line of natural delights.

“A few years ago, my awareness of household health hazards increased. I was very much worried about what my children ate or applied on their skin.”

This started the exploration of natural alternatives. Along this journey family and friends encouraged her to share her passion with others. After getting positive feedback and appreciation, Mint was started as an online business in May 2015. Nada aims to raise awareness by sharing the benefits of using all-natural ingredients for an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Customers value the variety of MINT’s products from which a few are as follows:

Best Sellers

Beauty products:

Coconut lavender body scrub
Lavender body spray

Baby products:

Baby powder shampoo


Gluten free date cake
Brown rice dark cocoa cookies

Household products:

Jasmine laundry detergent

Al Gain adds a personal touch to her products to ensure that the core essence of MINT is immediately recognizable to clients.


Overcome the Spring Fling

by Refan AbdelNabi

How to beat spring allergies:

It is common to confuse a cold with spring allergies so you must get yourself tested. A simple way of identifying the two is to know that allergies last longer and your sore throat is less painful. Spring allergies differ in Saudi Arabia’s diverse climate. Jeddah’s allergy triggers compose of grass, tree and floral pollens.

But don’t fret! There are a few solutions you can try to relieve your discomfort.

Improve your diet. Add more leafy greens and citrus fruits to strengthen your immune system.

Exercise indoors to avoid exposure.

Cover your nose. Wear a medical mask or a napkin when cleaning your home.

Groom pets regularly. Brush off the pollen and other allergens within the environment in one part of the house for containment.

Avoid drying laundry outdoors. It collects pollen, go for a dryer.



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