4 Grooming Tips Every Saudi Man Should Follow

By Sahrish Ali and Sohila El Saadany

You want to look good don’t you? These tips will aid you on your mission!

1. Cologne 101

Do not apply too much cologne, as you do not want to suffocate those around you. The best place to apply your scent is the chest, because that way the fragrance will be trapped between your skin and clothes and will last longer. You can also apply it on the biceps or crook of the arm.

Photo Credit: dmarge.com

Photo Credit: dmarge.com

2. Shave it for Later

• Skin tends to be puffy first thing in the morning so for less cuts give it at least 10 minutes to breathe before shaving. To prepare skin for shaving, use warm water to wash your face.
• Apply shaving cream using your fingertips in a circular pattern.
• You’re not a rebel even if you act like one. Go with the flow when it comes to shaving. Don’t go against the grain with your razor to avoid skin irritation.
• In case of skin irritation, use anti-inflammatory balm and try rubbing the area with an ice cube.
• Always moisturize, it is important.

3. Mustache Must-Knows

For all you mustache lovers out there, here are some famous mustache styles.

4. Don’t Bail on your Nails

• Keep your nails short and clean.
• Don’t bite your nails.

Photo Credit: tumblr.com

Photo Credit: tumblr.com

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