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Young Sensation: Celine Koussa Steals Hearts in Miami Band’s Music Video

Celine Koussa MV

Yas Island Abu Dhabi has joined forces with the Kuwaiti band ‘Miami’ to create an irresistible summer hit. They have released a new version of the band’s original 90s song, titled ‘AlHamdullah w Chefnakom’. The music video was filmed on location and showcased a group of young boys and girls dancing their way through the amazing attractions of Yas Island.

A 9-year-old backup dancer named Celine takes the spotlight in the music video and has many people turning their heads. Celine was born in Egypt but moved to Dubai at a young age, and since then, the UAE has become her home. She mentioned that she loves the peaceful lifestyle and appreciates the diversity of nationalities and cultures in the area. She shares her personal experience of working with the band and expresses her passion for dancing as a young and promising talent. 

Dancing has always been Celine’s passion. She recalls dancing since she was a baby, taking her first few steps at home and over time, dancing transformed from a hobby into a serious career that she practices every day.

Miami’s music video takes viewers on a tour of the acclaimed theme parks and attractions on Yas Island, including the newly opened SeaWorld Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. The remix of the song also pays homage to the beloved tunes of the 90s, which continue to be cherished by fans from across the Arab world.

Celine expresses her excitement for being selected as part of the dancing crew for Miami Band’s new music video as she used to listen to their songs regularly and never imagined she would have the opportunity to meet them in person, let alone become a lead backup dancer. It was definitely a dream come true for her. Celine had appeared in commercials before, but she saw this as a one of a kind chance to stand out and elevate her passion to the next level and as expected, the experience surpassed her expectations and was beyond exciting. In addition, the director was easy to work with, and the dance routine was simple and enjoyable.

 While filming, they also had the opportunity to visit Warner Bros. World™ Abu Dhabi, which was an incredible experience for them. Celine had been to the park with her family before, and she was over the moon to meet some of her favorite childhood characters like Tom & Jerry. 

Celine has always dreamed of being on Broadway, playing lead roles in TV commercials, and appearing in dance videos. As she grows up, she intends to develop her acting and singing skills alongside her dancing in order to achieve her dreams and reach her goals. She also spoke about how grateful she is for her parents’ unwavering support and appreciates their encouragement to pursue her passions and dreams.

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