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Marriott International Celebrates The Graduation of 49 Associates From Les Roches

Marriotte Graduates

Marriott International proudly announces the triumphant graduation of 49 associates from Les Roches in Marbella, Spain. This cohort, comprising nearly a quarter of the program’s participants, represents the successful completion of an Executive Master’s in International Hotel Management course from Les Roches. The graduates, all from Marriott hotels in Saudi Arabia, completed this program, which was facilitated by The Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia.

The comprehensive nine-month curriculum encompassed a range of high-level business and management modules. These modules covered crucial aspects of the hospitality industry, including hotel operations, leadership, finance and budgeting, hospitality real estate investments, international business strategy, and the creation of value in luxury contexts.

Established in 1979, Les Roches has earned a distinguished reputation for nurturing top-tier talents in the hospitality sector. With a coveted 5-Star QS Rating, accreditation from NECHE (New England Commission of Higher Education), shared with esteemed institutions like Yale and Harvard, and a stellar industry standing, Les Roches consistently delivers education that garners global recognition.

Ahmed Hozaien, Area Vice President for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Egypt at Marriott International, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to honor the accomplishment of these forty-nine associates who have successfully completed the Executive Master’s in International Hotel Management program at the esteemed Les Roches institute. Their commitment to providing outstanding guest experiences will play a significant role in elevating hospitality standards and delivering excellence across Saudi Arabia. This is in line with our strategy to invest in and develop local talent, reflecting our dedication to fostering growth within the hospitality sector.”

Marriott International’s dedication to talent development through advanced education opportunities, including initiatives such as Tahseen, aligns with Ahlaha 2022. Launched by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Tourism, Ahlaha 2022 aims to empower Saudi nationals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the rapidly expanding hospitality sector. This initiative complements the goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which seeks to generate a million jobs within the tourism sector, attract 100 million annual visitors, and establish tourism as a 10 percent contributor to the country’s GDP by 2030.

The 49 graduates include names such as, Abdulaziz Aldowsari, Abdulaziz Alharbi, Abdulaziz Aldulaimi, Abdulaziz Felemban, Abdulhamid Ghazi, Abdulrahamn Alrefaie, Abdullah Alshareef, Abdullah Alduwaish, Abdulla Alshaker, Abdullah Alsubhi, Adullateaf Alghusn, Ammar Ateeq, Bilal Alsaadawi. Faisal Altalhi, Hassan Alasmari, Hawazen Alrshoud, Hatem Alsendi, Hala Raies, Halah Jamal, Hamza alhujalli, Hosam Alghamdi, Kawther Bagaresh, Mansour Alghamdi, Mohammed Albasha, Misa Bondagji, Najd Alruwaili, Najla Alzahrani, Nader Al-Otaibi, Nahel Alem, Nawaf Bashmail, Neda Fatani, Nouran Saeedi, Nouha Aldigs, Nujud Alhumaid, Nora Al-Otaibi, Omar Alsaadawi, Omar Yusuf, Raed Al- otaibi, Rashad Mursi, Rayan Al Yousef, Razan Albaker, Rowaida Bin kulaib, Saeed Bugshan, Samaher Hamza, Saud Al Luwihaq, Wadha Alruways, Walid Alkenany, Waleed Al Khudhairi, Zuhir Abdulfttah. 

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