Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Love Yourself, love Your Hair

Love Yourself, love Your Hair

Four years ago, I decided to leave my beautiful curls at peace and allow them to flourish in their best shape: bouncy, swirly, and sometimes a little frizzy.

At the time, the idea to go natural was to save me from salon appointments, temporary treatments that left my hair looking sad, dull, and egregiously damaged. I had no idea that a decision so simple was going to lead me to discover more of my true self and allow me to embrace all of me. Accepting my natural hair rather than trying to transform it into something else helped me accept myself.

I’m not the only who has this struggle. Every day I see women going through the hassle of chemical treatments and facing unsatisfying results after spending money, time, and effort from trying to conceal a “problem” that wasn’t really a problem.

I can’t remember the exact moment when I woke up and thought my curly hair needed to be fixed, but I do remember that as a young girl, I didn’t pay much attention to the structure of my hair. It didn’t bother me that my hair was different from other girls’ but some of the adults around me would sometimes remind me. Today, when I see a little girl that has textured hair, I am the awkward adult who will walk up to her to let her know how gorgeous her hair is because deep down, I know there is somebody in the background that’s probably telling her otherwise.

As women, we face so much pressure to live up to the perceptive beauty standards that are pushed on us and are only meant for us to execute on ourselves. A few months ago, I created an Instagram account to help motivate other “naturals” to embrace their hair. Instead of telling them to change their hair into something else, I give them tips and tricks on how to let their curls be their best, and share product reviews. To me creating this account was far more than just a platform to talk about beauty or hair; it is a community of naturals who can share their experiences and motivate and inspire each other to be true to who they are. Embracing their natural hair is a start to loving all of themselves. I want to be an example of empowerment to that little girl who feels she doesn’t fit in or that young lady who is trying to fit in.

If there is one major recommendation I can give other women who are experiencing something similar, it’s not a hair product, or a haircut/style – it is confidence! You are beautiful, your hair is beautiful, you don’t need any beautifying or fixing. Own it and be it, beauty is you and you are beautiful! The beauty that you are is about who you are to yourself not anyone else. Be your own standard of beauty.

Today I walk shining from within. My hair doesn’t define me, but my curls are defined.

Curly Hair Products to Try

1. Brand: Maui Moisture
Product: Heal and hydrate + Shea Butter DETANGLER LEAVE IN
Sold at Manuel, Danube, Boots
Price: SR 79

Creamy shea butter is whipped into this hydrating treatment blend along with rich coconut and macadamia oils. This product helps with the ever-so-painful detangling process, making your hair tangle-free in the shower!

2. Brand: Kiehls
Product: Kiehls Magic Elixir Oil
Sold at Kiehls
Price: SR 100

10 minutes before washing, add this oil to your hair to help with smoothness and overall health. The product is perfect for all hair types as it is light.

3. Brand: Revlon
Product: Protect & Style Wide Tooth Comb with Handle
Sold at Nahdi
Price: SR 15

Every curly-haired person needs a wide-tooth comb to help with detangling without damaging/ripping hair.

4. Brand: Briogeo
Product: Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask
Sold at Sephora
Price: SR 142

This product is the pick-me-up every curly hair needs after every wash! In 10 minutes, you can have stronger hair that stands against breakage by giving your hair the moisture/hydration it needs.

5. Brand: Maui Moisture
Product: Curl Quench + Coconut oil curl smoothie
Sold at Danube, Manuel, Boots
Price: SR 79

This product helps with giving you defined curls that are frizz-free and shiny. It is rich so a little goes a long way.

6. Brand: OUAI
Product: Curl Shampoo
Sold at Sephora
Price: SR 140

This light, hydrating cleanser cleans strands while replenishing moisture! I love it because it works for all hair types.

Instagram: @curly.clumsy


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