LOUD Art opens "Reinterpreting Contemporary" exhibition at Humming Tree Gallery in Jeddah

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10 December 2015 – LOUD Art celebrated the opening of its Fourth annual Art Exhibition “Reinterpreting Contemporary” for the second time in the kingdom yesterday evening. Jeddah welcomed Loud Art in a one of a kind opening held at the Humming Tree Gallery last night.

The show was attended by more than 300 visitors on the opening night (09 December) from Jeddah’s elite society, art fanatics, collectors, media and officials expressing admiration to the great efforts and accomplishments achieved by the organizer, host and artists alike.

Mariam Hamidaddin, Gallery Owner commented on this collaboration: “It’s an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a platform that gives the artists a chance to explore themselves, experiment artistically and present their messages to a larger audience. I truly admire Loud Art’s aspiration of being as inclusive as possible when picking their artists” She also added: “The Saudi art scene is blossoming and as a believer in the power of art to create change, it’s a privilege to support and be part of this important evolutionary journey”.

A total of 29 collaborating artists including Ali Cha’aban, Yusef AlAhmed, Khalid Zahid, and Hussain Ismael showcased work that reflected their ideas of how to reinterpret contemporary through the communality of language, the Arabian nostalgia and the prospects of visual impact in architecture, photography, film and art which caught the attention of Jeddah’s social and art critics and art enthusiasts.

Loud Art’s Co-founder Raneen Bukhari said: “We are extremely proud and grateful to open Reinterpreting Contemporary Exhibition in Jeddah after the great success we had in AlKhobar last October. We believe that Loud Art’s theme this year will generate a positive reaction towards art and self-expression as well as educate people about Contemporary Art” She also added: “ We look forward to moving this show to Riyadh as well within the next few months and offer more opportunities for young and emerging talents in Saudi Arabia and the region”

LOUD Art will be on until 12 December before it moves to Riyadh later (date to be announced). Updates and announcements can be found on Instagram loudart and twitter LOUDartSA

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