Living the Lush Life

Lush did it again! After a long wait and huge demand from fans, they’ve finally launched their lovely range of Fresh Face Masks in Saudi Arabia: simple, handmade masks that give life to your skin with natural ingredients.

Lush is always environmentally conscious as it is one of their core beliefs, with package-free products and ingredients that are good for you and the Earth.

For instance, the face masks come in a black pot made of recycled polypropylene plastic (or PP for short), which is at the center of the brand’s “Black Pot Environmental Initiative.” Customers are encouraged to bring back their empty black pots to be melted down, reformulated, and then brought back to life in the form of new black pots, bottle tops, lipstick tubes, powder and make-up containers, and some of the lids you’ll find in their shops. dsf

Go ahead, go on a Lush buying spree. Not only do you keep your skin happy and alive, you also keep the circle of packaging life going around!

Whether you want to combat troublesome spots, indulge with softening skincare goodness, or revitalize your skin, Lush has every option available. There is an incredible treat(ment) for chocolate lovers as well – the Cupcake Fresh Face mask, made from cocoa powder, that draws out dirt and impurities from the skin.

Tel: +966-12-6974171
Mob: +966-544746311
 Instagram: lushmiddleeast

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