Lama Al Akeel: The Up and Coming Designer in Jeddah

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We bring you one of J-Town’s budding fashion designers: Lama Al Akeel. The 21-year-old senior student at Dar Al Hekma, has always had a passion for fashion and she is finally getting the chance to let her star shine even brighter now.

Al Akeel had previously started a blog called “The Hidden Closet” where she channeled her inner fashion guru. She would feature stylish trends, red carpet looks and more.

Recently she joined Instagram and her account is now followed by more than 29K. This encouraged her to step into the world of fashion with all her might, not just when it came to designing but marketing as well.

She has worked with internationally renowned brands like Puma and Bulgari (BVLGARI), and has plans on working with another major brand- one that she can’t disclose right now. She also had tremendous success with her fashion show back in 2014.

As so much of her fame is due to Instagram, Al Akeel realizes that she has a responsibility toward her followers. She continues, “With social media I have to be careful what I post and what I say, especially,since I have followers who are very young and impressionable, sometimes girls as young as 10 or 11.”


She is now working on designing her own collection for her graduation project; which will display outfits that suit the modern woman and still have a modern twist to them.

She plans on expanding this collection after her senior project in May. So Jeddahawis stay tuned; Al Akeel is most definitely going to blow your minds with her designs.


Instagram: lama.alakeel


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