Lakeland’s Kitchen & Home Innovations in Riyadh Now

Zahra Anwer

Associate Editor at Destination KSA

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Lakeland opened its first store in Riyadh and they invited us to celebrate their launch yesterday. This was the perfect place to visit to lift my spirits on a lazy Sunday 😀

I have shopped at Lakeland in Dubai and England and have always been fascinated by some of their most innovative homeware items. There is so much to explore in the store – and I feel like buying everything. Pick one or pick them all – you can’t leave this place without buying something.

This ultra-hip home goods store sells awesome kitchen stuff like vegetable spiralizers, huge range of bakeware, saucepans for the microwave, cute vintage bowl covers, fun party items, vintage plates, colored mason jars, vintage serveware and also has a range of travel and laundry accessories.

They have some cool summer must-haves like DIY icecream and yogurt makers as well.

While most of their items don’t always come cheap, they are very unique and will certainly leave any guest impressed.

Location: Khurais Mall, Gate 3, 1st floor

You can check out their website for more info.

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