Kevin Hart is coming to town!

The heart of Hart will be performing a stand-up comedy show in Boulevard Riyadh City as part of his tour ‘Reality Check’.

Landing in Saudi Arabia for the first time, you definitely know the American Actor and Comedian, Kevin Hart from his legendary films including Central Intelligence, Ride Along, The Wedding Ringer, Jumanji, and more. 

Here to perform as part of his ‘Reality Check’ tour, let us get into the details. The show will be taking place at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theatre in Boulevard Riyadh City on Saturday February 25.

Fun Fact!
The ‘Reality Check’ tour was honored as the highest-grossing comedy tour of the year by Billboard.

The night will be ringing with laughter from the audience, that is how far his comedian humor has reached with his gig in Saudi Arabia and specifically in Riyadh.  

More information on the tickets will be out soon and we will keep you posted with more!
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