Keep the Weight Off Forever!

By Maya Daaboul

Congratulations! You have now reached the weight you have strived for BUT how will you maintain your new figure?


1. Never Skip Breakfast
Skipping breakfast will only make you eat more and pile up more calories throughout the day. Instead, have your breakfast within one hour of waking to jump-start your metabolism and provide you with the energy boost you need for the day.

2. Lead an Active Lifestyle
Along with your regular, sustained exercise, keeping an active lifestyle is a must to help counterbalance the drop in metabolic rate that usually accompanies weight loss. For example, take the stairs and dedicate more time playing sports instead of video games.

3. Keep Track
Keeping a journal handy will help stop you from reverting back to old habits, keeping you aware and conscious of each and every move. How many times have you exercised today? What and when did you eat today? Did you slip up on a certain occasion? Make sure you also keep note of your weekly-weighins to monitor your progress.

4. Go for a Balanced
and Realistic Eating Plan The key for weight maintenance is to consume fewer calories compared to the amount consumed pre-weight loss. Watch for your portion sizes and opt for low energy dense foods such as soups, fruits, vegetables and whole cooked grains when preparing your meals to control satiety and limit energy intake.

5. Dining Out
Avoid appetizers including bread, olives, nuts and butter- they will only fill you up and add unnecessary calories. Start off with a salad and order the dressing on the side to control the amount added. For dessert, go for either a fruit based option or skip it for tea or coffee instead. If you insist on something sweet, share it with someone to have up to three bites only.

6. Plan for Setbacks
Whether it’s stress, not enough support around you or lack of motivation, know that new habits are not easy to adopt but rest assured it will only get easier with time. Have a coping plan set in place such as meditating, talking to a friend or simply taking a walk for some fresh air. Put in place a strategy that will help keep you focused and on track, deterring you from resorting back to food and bad habits for comfort.

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