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Juffali Automotive Company Hosts Highly Anticipated “Discovery Day” Tour For its Second Consecutive Year

Juffali's Discover Day

Following the resounding success of its first edition, Juffali Automotive Company, the official distributor for Mercedes-Benz in the Kingdom, recently organized a highly anticipated event called “Discovery Day” for its valued customers. Held on June 3rd, 2023, at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz showrooms in Jeddah, the event aimed to enlighten attendees about the latest technologies, vehicle launches, and dealership offers provided by Mercedes-Benz.

Passionate customers and ardent Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts were cordially invited to partake in a guided tour led by brand experts at the world-class facilities. During the tour, participants engaged in informative discussions about the brand’s groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, they were enlightened about the numerous advantages of using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, the available service packages, and exclusive limited-time promotions.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the event, Mr. Basim Wali, the Director of Marketing and Development at Juffali Automotive Company, emphasized the company’s dedication to providing an unparalleled experience for its loyal customers. He stated, “With ‘Discovery Day,’ we aimed to create an entirely novel encounter for our esteemed customers. The remarkable success of the first edition reaffirmed the significance of forging meaningful connections with our clientele through distinctive engagements and interactive experiences.”

Mr. Wali further expressed his gratitude to the esteemed guests and all those involved in organizing the event, recognizing their contribution to its overwhelming success. He also expressed the company’s eagerness to host another triumphant edition of “Discovery Day” in the near future, promising even more memorable experiences for their valued customers.

The “Discovery Day” event hosted by Juffali Automotive Company served as a platform for Mercedes-Benz customers to explore the brand’s latest advancements firsthand. By providing exclusive insights and fostering direct engagement, the event showcased the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and its endeavor to continually elevate the Mercedes-Benz ownership experience. As a leading automotive distributor, Juffali Automotive Company remains dedicated to fostering meaningful connections with its customers and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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