Jeddah’s Bicycle Bridge Opens For Traffic; Here Are 10 Facts About It

By Mohammed Mirza

After the unification of the Kingdom, Jeddah has grown at a phenomenal pace. Jeddah municipality undertook the Jeddah beautification project to ensure the city’s radiance.

The project involved an array of visual sculptural treats, including the iconic Jeddah Bicycle. So now that the bicycle bridge opens for commuters, here are 10 facts about both.

1. The bicycle bridge was built at a cost of over SR 28 million.


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2. The two-way bridge is 583 meters long and 13.5 meters wide.


3. It is expected to ease the traffic flow towards King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah Islamic Port and Balad.


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4. This is the 24th bridge built by the government in 5 years.


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5. The bridge was named ‘Bicycle Bridge’ after the iconic bicycle sculpture it crosses.


6. The bicycle sculpture is the largest in the world with a total height of 15 meters.


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7. It has been standing tall at the roundabout for over 30 years.


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8. Renowned Spanish architect Julio Lafuente designed the enormous bicycle.


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9. Lafuente also designed the famous globe roundabout in Jeddah.


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10. Another bridge at Al Falak roundabout will soon commence.


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