Jeddah Children Celebrate International Peace Day

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A recent celebratory event was held in Jeddah Prep and Grammar School (JPGS) to commemorate The International Peace Day, which the United Nations recognizes annually on the 21st of September. The aim of the event, which will take place on a yearly basis and be part of the school’s culture, is to raise awareness on peace and promote the children’s respect of each other regardless of belief, nationality and background.

During the event, Dr. Thoraya Obaid, a member of the Shura Council who previously served as Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund and an Under-Secretary General of the United Nations, was the honorary guest speaker about peace in society. The celebration was also especially memorable for children, who enjoyed a playful puppet show performance by Afroot illustrating the basics of playground peacekeeping amongst children. Moreover, JPGS students designed artistic peace posters to exhibit in the school. They also created, along with their teachers, short video clips with peace messages and uploaded them to social media websites to promote peace.

In that occasion, Dr. Thoraya Obaid, Member of the Shura Council, said, “I’d like to express my deep appreciation for holding that key assembly, as it sends an important message about peace across the Saudi society, especially the youth who represent a big percentage of the Kingdom’s population. Also, I’d like to praise the United Nations’ role in spreading a culture of peace across the globe, especially in countries witnessing ethnic, religious, tribal and political conflicts.” Dr. Obaid added, “Peace isn’t confined to the realm of politics, as it encompasses the family and society as well. Therefore, I hope to spread the message of peace, forgiveness and brotherhood, and I appeal to everyone to distance themselves from racism, discrimination and violence in their verbal and physical forms.”

A host of companies sponsored the notable event, mainly PR Arabia, a renowned PR company in Saudi Arabia, The Mediation Gateway, which specializes in commercial dispute resolution as well as conflict management workshops, in addition to Tashkiel. Other key sponsors included 31 Workshop Avenue “Afroot”, Ghorfa and Sawerly.

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