Ishbilia Compound… Your Mini-city Within The City

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Situated in one of Riyadh’s fast developing prime districts is an exclusive neighborhood that brings the best of community living coupled with luxury hospitality.


Imagine a mini-city where all your needs are within reach and all your wants are cared for—a place you can truly call home. Ishbilia Compound makes this a reality by providing a safe,
fun and convenient haven for all its residents.


A collection of fully furnished, private and ready for occupancy villas are available on Ishbilia’s lush 379,000-square meter property. The executive suite villas offer a 400-square meter living space with 3 to 4 bedrooms and a choice between a backyard or your very own private pool as well as a maid or driver’s quarters.


You may also opt for the 280-square meter duplexes available, complete with 3 to 4 bedrooms and either a pool or backyard. The duplex units also have a garage and rooms for maids and drivers. For single residents, the compound offers a fully-equipped and spacious 120-square meter VIP studio which includes a large kitchen, nestled within its  neighborhood confines.


What truly makes Ishbila a unique sanctuary is the close-knit community it fosters. The compound provides residents with an abundant array of entertaining activities for residents with the promise of good company.


From a state of the art gym complete with free fitness classes, a variety of interest clubs as well as weekend events and discovery trips across the city; every family member can find themselves entertained.


At Ishbilia, parents are able to provide their children with a safe and fun environment to enjoy their childhood to the fullest while living in Riyadh.


Their school (pre-KG through 3) is conveniently located within the compound and for your convenience and peace of mind, Ishbilia provides safe transportation to the top international schools in the city for your children. By the end of the year, there will be a clinic available on site with a general practitioner and emergency unit ready to address your medical needs 24/7.


Expect to be surrounded by lush and well maintained landscaping all year. Have the freedom to jog and take walks while your children bicycle and play in the compound’s playgrounds with their friends. Ishbilia understands how important your safety and security is to you so that you can relax and enjoy an unfettered lifestyle. The Royal Saudi Security Forces guards the compound and uniformed security personnel patrol the grounds day and night. The friendly and hospitable staff promise an unparalleled service to address your needs.


Ishbilia compound has a mini-market selling hard to find products, a local crafts store, a newly renovated modern restaurant, atrium, saloon, bowling alley and a large community pool. To top it off, an Ishbilia Cafe that proudly serves Starbucks coffee and a Baskin Robbins satellite are on-site, with an organic health store opening soon.


Ishbilia will soon offer a Guest House “Sevilla” within the compound to accommodate guests from existing, corporate client who may only require a short stay. More upgrades are on the way at Ishbilia as they strive to ensure the best compound living in the Kingdom.

Tel: +966-11-4445979
Mob: +966-593111094
Facebook: ishbiliacompound

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