Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Into The Thrill of it

Into The Thrill of it

Saudi Arabia is quickly becoming a hub for sports and an active lifestyle, and we’re here for it.

Destination KSA introduces you to some inspiring athletes embracing the great outdoors and giving us a glimpse of what you can do if you put your mind to it.

Abdulrahman Y Sabbagh

Instagram: aysabbagh

The first marathon Abdulrahman ever witnessed was in Miami back in 2018. Seeing everyone run with utmost determination and commitment instigated his passion for it. He found beauty in the physical and mental journey people go through when preparing for a marathon, and it inspired him to pursue it. Since then, running has become a significant part of his life. “It became a hobby to visit new places and run a marathon there,” Abdulrahman shares.


When he returned to Saudi that year, running wasn’t widely practiced yet within the Saudi community. He then joined a small community that started with a few dozen runners who slowly popularized the sport in Riyadh. They have grown to a thousand members today, with many meetings up daily for a run. He went on to accomplish completing several international marathons, including a world-major marathon “New York 2018”, showcasing how Saudi has become a sports hub for athletes that compete globally.


Abdulrahman became an ambassador for the Saudi Sports for All, a federation pushing for a healthy and active lifestyle within the Saudi community. In March 2022, They organized the Riyadh marathon, a first-ever full marathon with four different distances, 4, 10, 21.1, and 42.2 km, allowing everyone to participate according to their capabilities. “In the last few years, we saw an increase in the sports organizations passionate about running, creating a movement within the community to push for an active lifestyle.”

He is now a professional running coach and has the chance to pass down his passion and share his knowledge to motivate the community further to move. Moreover, he is an elite ambassador for EcoTrail Alula Ultramarathon and a certified Triathlon Coach Level 1 by World Triathlon and Saudi Triathlon federation.


Instagram: sauditricommunity


– R7 Run Club

– Riyadh Urban Runners
Instagram: riyadhurbanrunners

– Riyadh Road Runners
Instagram: riyadhroadrunners



– Jeddah Running Community

– Hejaz Ultra Running Club
Instagram: hejazultra

– Jeddah Runners
Instagram: jeddahrunners

– Masafat Run Club
Instagram: jedmarathon



Khobar Running Crew
Instagram: khobarrunning

Al Ahsa Runners

Al Qatif Runners
Instagram: qatif_runners


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