Inspiring Young Artist Alia Salman

19 year old Alia Salman is eagerly willing to unleash her potential on the canvas. Alia is the example of a natural artist at heart. Amazed by her artwork, Destination caught up with her and listened to her story.

There are no limits in art – the crazier the better!

– Alia Salman

Alia’s interest in art was sparked at school at the young age of six. Her teacher would give them a few minutes in class to draw or paint anything from their imagination. The art teachers at Alia’s school never approved of her drawings as they were “too outrageous.” However, Alia set their opinion aside as she was learning on her own that you could turn random ideas into something beautiful. Learning that fact about art captured her attention instantly.


One day she was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton with her family, and couldn’t help but notice the mad faces of the characters. They were all different yet somehow similar. Alia noticed Burton’s very unique, beautiful and unusual style. The mark he had on every single one of his characters was Alia’s main source of inspiration, since she has always wanted to have a mark or style in her own artwork.

Every one of Alia’s paintings has a story to tell. As soon as she picks up the paintbrush she’s inspired and begins to paint based on random thoughts and things she picked up during the day. For example, one day she was following her sisters around the house, sketching their movements. When she picked up her paintbrush, based on the movement sketches Alia painted one of her favorite art pieces. Great artwork can be created using the simplest thought or based on a minor incident. For that reason, Alia’s sketchbook is always somewhere around her!


Alia’s three favorite artists are Tim Burton, Dylan Izaac and Salvador Dali. Their work inspired her to create many of her art pieces in addition to realizing the importance of maintaining a certain style yet developing and growing simultaneously.

Alia is an accomplished artist. To her, art is currently a hobby while studying remains to be her top priority. However, she does try to manage and organize time to do both. Alia sees art as a major part of her future. In addition to meeting many of the great artists she was inspired by, Alia hopes to open a gallery –whether it’s big or small- and display her artwork for people to enjoy.

By Alia Salman


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