Increase Ibadah and Reap the fruit of this month

Knowing the importance of this blessed month, we need to prepare, so that we can increase in ibadah and gain the most from it.

Here is a list of ways to reap the fruits of this month,

1) First and foremost, we need to draw nearer to Allah and have an increase in iman. Some of the aspects by which we can achieve this is:

  • Pondering on the creation of Allah.
  • Reading the seerah and the stories of our Prophet’s.

2) Make dua to Allah to help us maximize our ibadah and to reap the reward of it.

3) To raise our standard of doing good, whether by doing more, or better the quality of what we already do.

4) Avoiding evil: Abstain from ghaibah, lying, and other evil deeds

5) Dedicating time daily for Quran: Read it, try to understand, read a tafseer or translation as well.

6) Attending halaqas and listening to Islamic lectures that are iman boosting.

7) Utilizing the early hours of the morning: the morning hours are known for having barakah.

In conclusion, let’s hope and pray for Allah’s mercy during this time of Ramadan and focus on the lasting transformation of our hearts and souls and make dua to HIM to make all our good deeds only and solely for HIM.

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