Immerse in the Field of Expression at Historic Jeddah Season

With an array of exciting exhibitions, fun activities, innovative and captivating performances, Historic Jaddah Season continues to welcome visitors and locals alike.

Among the well-known activities is the ‘Field of Expression’ hosted at Al Baraha. A space for social and communal activities in the past, Al Baraha has always been the place – the stage of life!

Today, the concept at Al Baraha is to revive this significant public space and bring back the sense of community, while promoting the value of creative public expression for the residents and visitors of Jeddah.

This stage is created as an interactive place, involving and encouraging the public to witness as well as participate in the performances. A stepping stone towards the evolution and enrichment of Saudi culture in the arts realm for the first time in Jeddah, the aim is to diversify and celebrate the concept of stage performance, utilizing the human body as an instrument of artistic expression and storytelling.

Curated by Nada Almojadediat, Al Baraha is established through creative art installations, performative pieces as well as interactive performances bringing a variety of genres, styles, forms and schools of performance to all public. So come engage, participate and witness these entertaining activities taking place on the 5 th and 6 th of July at Hazzazi Yard.

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