How To Waste Your Time At The Gym

The days when going to a gym was a luxurious choice are long gone.

Nowadays, making active healthy choices is a way of life. After all, looking good and feeling good are a reflection of how well one is doing in life. And, in case you didn’t really care about health for its own sake, your social media profile demands that some of your news feed be dedicated to exercise and nutrition.

However, some of us really do seem to waste our time at the club. Whether it’s because we simply don’t like working out or are not yet convinced of the need to, we are masters of inefficiency.This way, we can claim that we actually have done the work, without feeling guilty. Could this be why you have nothing to show for it despite showing up for a workout 6 times a week?

Like I tell my clients, learning something and showing up to school are two different things.

So here are sure ways to inefficiency at the gym.


Reading a book, doing homework, or sending an email to a client while working out could be a great way to get more done. However, the result is a guaranteed negative effect on your workout. After all, it is another way to tell if you’re really putting in the energy needed for positive physical change.


Whether you spot a friend across the gym floor or mingle with the floor staff, interrupting the rhythm of your workout for social purposes is the surest way to lose the motivation to continue your sets.


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Ah, yes. You knew this was going to make the list. Need we say more?

Waiting for your turn (equipment)

This can go unnoticed. AS you stand awaiting your turn, your heart rate and your body temperature start to drop. Training methods focusing on less rest time between sets will particularly be affected by this. Plan and design your workouts to avoid this or do some burpees while you await.


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Moving at snail’s speed

Your workout also includes the time between when you’re not doing a move. Moving from one move to the next, make sure you keep the tempo. (Imagine how you feel when you’re waiting at the supermarket’s cashier, and the lady in front of you seems to be moving like she has all the time in the world)


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Drying your sweat

This will be a problem if you’re doing it like you just had a moroccan bath session. Pat dry, and move on.


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Leaving the workout to get something from your gym bag or the cafeteria

Keep your water bottle (or whatever you might need) next to you. That long walk to the locker room or cafeteria is another way to slow the pace. (Unless you’re running or lunging on the way)


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Doing the same workout every time

I thought I’d remind you once more that variety and new challenges are essential for your body to adapt in a new way overtime.


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Happy Training…

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