Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

How to Stay Warm and Cozy on a Winter Night

How to Stay Warm and Cozy on a Winter Night

One day, every winter, we cancel everything on our schedules, take a scorching hot shower at 6pm, put on a mask, and settle in with a nice cuppa and a stack of books.

There’s just something about staying cozy and limbless that makes us very happy. Here are our favorites for this season!

Scrub your skin clean:

We like Purebody’s Cuppa Joe for proper skin scrubbing. Their organic products ensure that you don’t chemically dry out your skin and the scent of their stuff is good enough to eat (not that we’ve tried but we’re tempted). Instagram: @purebodyksa 45SR


Stay moisturized:

With the temperature dipping below 10 degrees this month, it’s time to bring out the moisturizers. Try Sanctuary Spa’s Body Souffle from Boots, it’s divine. 45SR, Boots Pharmacy, Riyadh Gallery/Sahara Mall.


Get dressed for bed:

You can’t get better than these adorable penguin pyjamas that describe just how we feel. Oysho, 248SR, Panorama Mall/Riyadh Gallery.


Keep your feet toasty:

With these stylish fur slippers. Stick your feet in and the chill will be nothing but a dream. Super warm, very pretty and best of all, affordable. 69SR, H&M, Riyadh Gallery/Sahara Mall


Set the atmosphere:

Nothing beats the calming influence of candlelight. Scatter around some tea-candle and light one big fragrant candle to perfume the air. Go with lavender if you need to get sleepy, or jasmine for a fresh floral scent. Jasmine Candle, Diptyque, O100 Perfumery, @o100perfumery


Turn into a human burrito:

Wrap yourself away from the world in these throws, and when you don’t need them, put them on a couch for an instant décor facelift. They’re pretty good for a makeshift tent, too! 399SR cable knit blanket, Zara Home, Mamlakah Mall/Alnakheel Mall- 85SR, Ormhassel Throw, IKEA.


Make a mug of hot chocolate:

With this mug, you’ll feel as cute as heck. Don’t forget the marshmallows. Settle in, and pick up your favorite book or show, and melt out of reality! 50SR, Cath Kidston, Olaya St.



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