How To Spend Your Eid

Or rather, activities to bring the family together.

Regardless of your family’s Eid traditions, it can get overwhelming trying to plan the perfect Eid. We’ve decided to make things easier with list of random activities that you can do during the Eid holidays (or the summer!)

img_1652Movie Night

Turn movie night from a ho-hum get together in to a must-attend event this Eid.

  • Fun Night

Available on day 1!

Mob: +966-569670602

  • Takyah

Starting day 4th of Eid, from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Mob: +966-502169775
Instagram/Snapchat: takyah.jed

  • Let’s POZE Photobooth

Capture your after-movie reactions with a fun Let’s Poze photo booth.

Mob: +966-548090910
Instagram: letspoze

dsc_1377-copy-copyDesert Safari

Turn Eid into an adventure like a true desert dweller.

  • Jeddah Safari

Mob: +966-560266661
Instagram: jeddah_safari

  • Al Jazeera Safari

Mob: +966-554837195
Facebook: aljazirah.safari

  • Deira Tour

Bookings available from the 4th day of Eid.

Tel: +966-11-26638941
Mob: +966-566688161
Instagram: deiratours

black_limousine_5400x1500Drive in Style

Whether you’re looking for a large ride for an Eid event or just want to cruise around the city, hire a Limo to do things a little differently this Eid.

  • Royal Limo

Mob: +966-504332857
Tel: +966-12-6609892
Instagram: flowertulip31

  • Limo Almihav

Mob: +966-581315557

dollarphotoclub_35553101-e1415067057763Watersport Thrills

We live at the edge of the sea, so it only makes sense to enjoy some watersports on Eid.

  • Boat Jeddah

Mob: +966-553372443
Instagram: boatjeddah

  • Yallah Jeddah Boat

Mob: +966-562000605 / +966-550382776
Instagram: yallah_jeddah_boat

  • Desert Sea Divers

 Services include diving and private boat trips. Available starting first day of Eid from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tel: +966-12-6561807
Mob: +966-555719232

  • Dream Divers

Mob: +966-505582723/+966-508829760

  • Durrat Al Arous

Activities include jet ski, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Tel: +966-920008211

screen-shot-2017-05-28-at-1-25-02-amParty Planners

These party planners will help you make things smooth for your Eid event.

  • Party Designer Jeddah

Mob: +966-555132700
Instagram: party_designer_jeddah

  • Beach Party Planners

Mob: +966-551344455
Instagram: beach_party_jeddah

  • Party Time 2

Mob: +966-544826262
Instagram: party.time2

  • Party Pack Jeddah

Mob: +966-559348171
Instagram: party_pack_jeddah

img_1512-copyGame Night Saudi-fied

Some of these Saudi-made games are the best way to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Ekkah Games

Instagram: ekkahgames

  • Nard Games

As fun and exciting as charades could get.

Instagram: nardgames

  • Rock. Paper. Scissors.

RPS has a bunch of fun games for the whole family. Order from the website or buy at Jarir.

Mob: +966-530530175

Instagram: rps_studio

  • Darahim: The Game

It’s a whole new tabletop experience.

IG: darahimthegame

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