How to Make Your Own Home-Made Healthy Sports Drink

When we sweat during our workouts, we lose a combination of water and electrolytes, mostly, sodium, chloride. potassium, calcium, and salts like, urea.

It is very essential that we replenish these levels after or sometimes during a workout (especially when very intense). They are needed for healthy muscle functioning, transmission of nerve signals, controlling the amount of water in the body, easy blood flow, other necessary functions. With these running smoothly, you’ll have a better chance of good sports performance.

However, most commercial sports drinks contain, in addition to the electrolytes, added sugar and coloring. This is done to make the drink mimic a certain fruit taste and to make it taste better than it actually is. This beats the purpose of working out to burn calories, if you’re going to get them back so quickly and without much added value.

If you still want the added benefit of replenishing your electrolytes and water supply, naturally, without the added sugar, then below is a recipe with a video of how to do it yourself.


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