How to Do Good and Keep it a Secret

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By Johara Al Mogbel

Charity, or sadaqah, is a huge part of Islam. It also happens to be one of the core values of our faith.

You know what’s another thing that Islam encourages? Modesty and humility. And charity and humility coupled together produces one of the most beautiful concepts in religion, as it rewards those who are so discreet in their giving that their left hand does not know what their right is giving. Anonymity helps both the person in need to receive the help and curbs the possibility of the person donating to do so for fame or a reputation.

Now, we understand that it may seem hard to do but we’ve researched a few tips for you to help make it easier. Without further ado, here they are. Don’t forget us in your prayers!

Websites are one of the best ways to donate secretly.
Most valid Saudi charities have working websites and all of them list a number of bank account numbers with information and instructions on transferring. Tarahum (for the care of the families of prisoners) have a webpage with detailed poverty cases (rent payment, paying off debt or electricity/water bills) that allows you to choose a case to back and the amount you’d like to contribute. You can donate as little as one riyal up till paying off the entire case, should you like to do so. And that’s only an option. There’s a ton of other charities that allow you to do something similiar. Do your research first, though, and choose a cause you feel strongly about that’s being dealt with by a charity that’s transparent about where the money’s going.
Find someone within your circle of existence to help.
Sometimes the janitor at work or school might be in a bit of a tight spot or knows someone who is. Maybe a neighbor’s in a bind or perhaps you’ve heard the local mosque is in desperate need of retiling. You can share your food with the neighbor without them realizing who it is, a bonus can be left for the janitor or hire a worker to patch up the mosque with the instructions to keep his employer to himself. Be creative, and don’t underestimate how far a little help can go, no matter how silly it seems.
Simply lend a hand.
Acts of kindness is a sadaqah in Islam, but so very few view it that way. You’ll still be putting in towards charity but at the same time make it seem as if it’s a normal average task. Doubly so, if it’s for a stranger who will probably never know who you are. Smile to people on the street. Help an old man with his grocery cart. Pick up litter other horrible people have left. Pay for someone’s gasoline at the station. Buy something for the person behind you at a fast food counter. Share your food. Yes, even that shawerma you’ve been craving all week. Somehow in Ramadan good deeds are so much easier to accomplish, so make the most of it as you can.

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