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How to Detox After Ramadan

How to Detox After Ramadan
By Ghada Al-Omran

For starters, the benefits of fasting are infinite. Imagine the amazing benefits it can have if you pair it up with a detox.

While fasting you help your body with the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and also insulin levels. Detox works with your liver which eliminates the toxins.

There you go, there is a good reason for fasting and detoxing. Now, let’s pair it up for you with some tips to start your detox.

1) Choose the right detox method for you by asking your doctor

2) Eliminate Chemical based products

Detoxing can happen through eliminating chemical based household cleaners and personal health care products and substituting it with natural alternatives!

3) Try out awesome natural products

Such as Cleanse & Glow which provide plenty of healthy juices to cleanse on!

4) Eat plenty of fiber

It helps your digestive system – specifically the large intestine for defecation.

5) Always choose berries!

The most popular detox food is full of berries is called the Acai bowel.

The recipe can be easily made at home:

6) Foods to include and exclude:

Include: Lean meat, avocado, all non-starchy vegetables, and low sugar fruits

Exclude: Dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn, refined sugar, and caffeine.


8) Do mild exercise until you get used to it.

Exercising is important because you need to sweat to release the toxins.

9) Sleep should be a priority

10) Go for green tea


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