By Sumayya Naseem

H&M is everywhere in Jeddah. It’s a great place to look for comfortable and affordable apparel. Most young ladies prefer shopping at H&M because their clothes are very versatile, and it’s easy to create a complete look with just one visit.

H&M offers clothing for men and children too. It can easily be considered a one-stop store for the whole family. The brand offers a lot more for women; in the past couple of years, they have introduced very good quality cosmetics and make-up accessories. Their kabuki brushes come highly recommended, and so do their bags and shoes. H&M usually has very funky and cool jewellery at great prices. Their scarves also come in gorgeous prints and fabrics. If you’re looking for tube scarves, H&M is the place to go! Another much-loved product by H&M are the ballerina style shoes.

The great thing about the store is the variety in prices. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll still be able to find great products, and if you don’t mind spending a lot of money, you can browse their premium quality collections. Another cool thing that the brand has done is the ‘Conscious – Sustainable Style’, which aims at making ‘looking good’ an act which does good, too; the brand has incorporated materials and processes which are good for the planet and the environment.

Shopping at H&M is also a good experience because their staff are very helpful too. The best time to shop at the store is late in the afternoon when there are less shoppers.

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