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Historical Sites at Al Balad District – Historic Jeddah Season

Historical Sites at Al Balad District – Historic Jeddah Season

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The Al Balad District, Jeddah is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. This district steeped in tradition, culture and heritage gives all visitors a glimpse into the history of Jeddah.

The Historic Jeddah season, celebrates this rich history along with Al Balad, showcasing ancient tradition, historical sites, arts, music and entertainment.

Bringing together locals and visitors alike, the audiences are immersed into the fascinating realm of Al Balad district.

One such attraction is the Abo Onoba Mosque, one of the important landmarks whose history dates back to seven centuries. This mosque can accommodate approximately 400 persons at one time.

Built in the 7th century AH, the Al Shafei Mosque is another important historic site to visit in the city of Jeddah. This unique mosque with its impressive architecture has been restored and now welcomes people of faith to offer their prayers.

Another historic site is the Bait Ba Eshin, an over 200 year old house of Jeddah. Built in 1273 AH, this is one of the oldest houses belonging to the Baashen family. Senior dignitaries of Jeddah held important forums and talks ranging from scientific to social and cultural topics.

One of the other must-see sites is the Maymaar Mosque located in the West of Al Balad. Ranked second amongst the historical mosques in Al Balad, this ancient mosque has since been restored   and is available for all to offer their prayers.

Visitors and locals are welcomed to learn more about the history of Jeddah, with all historic sites open for viewing at the Al Balad district.

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