Here’s Where Jeddah’s Popular Reciters Are Leading Taraweeh Prayers This Ramadan

The taraweeh prayers are an experience like no other. A prayer that sees many travel away from their existing neighborhood mosques to ones that are far off; in search of recitation of the Quran that they can connect with, lifting them up spiritually whilst doing so.

And in Jeddah, we have many Imams who have become famous for their voices not only nationally but beyond the country’s borders as well. Here is where some of Jeddah’s popular reciters are leading prayers this Ramadan.

Sheikh Basafar – Shoeiby Mosque


Sheikh Khateeb – Bin Yamani Mosque


Sheikh Abdul Kafi – Aisha Mosque

aisha mosque

Sheikh Sulaiman – Naqaa Mosque

Sheikh Sulaiman

Sheikh Baytee – Ghazawwi Mosque

Ghazawwi Mosque

Sheikh Abdullah Bakhateeb – Al Lami Mosque


Sheikh Adil Rayan – Um Al Kahir Mosque
Sheikh Ismail Nouri – Al Ameen Mosque

Sheikh Nabil Refai – Al Taqwa Mosque

sheikh nabil refai

Sheikh Sahal Yaseen – Prince Sultan Mosque


Sheikh Ghazali – Al Furqan Mosque

Sheikh Ghazali

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