Here’s How to Hydrate this Ramadan

Ramadan can be brutal in the summer, especially if you’re dehydrated. Of course, you’re bound to get thirsty, but if you’re smart about it you can be better prepared for the long day without water.

Here are some tips to keep you hydrated.

1. Break your fast with normal temperature water.

And don’t break your fast with juice, no matter how tempting it looks. It’ll cause weight gain and your hydration will be poor.

2. Carry a water bottle.

This could be the oldest trick in the book, probably because it works. Instead of gulping down a couple of glasses of water, sip it frequently through the night.

3. Take water to taraweeh.

Sip on



4. Set a reminder on your phone.

Many apps are specifically designed to help people increase their water intake. Check out Water Drink Reminder on Android and Daily Water Free on iOS.

5. Eat foods with high water content.

Certain foods have higher water content than others. So seek out fruits and veggies like berries, watermelon, oranges, grapefruit, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.


6. Take a cold shower.

If you’re feeling too dehydrated taking a cold shower will reduce your body temperature a little and provide relief.

7. Drink by the sunnah.

Follow the sunnah and drink your water in three parts while sitting. It will be more fulfilling and satisfying.


8. Don’t sweat it.

Avoid strenuous exercises that will result in excessive sweating. Ramadan in the summer already ensures some sweating, especially if you have to be outdoors, so it’s best to limit workout to walking in the evening or light exercises like stretching or yoga.

9. Drink more Zamzam.

Blessed Zamzam water is really nourishing, detoxifying and fulfilling due to its purity and nutritional content. It’s also known to increase hemoglobin levels.


10. Planning is key.

It all comes down to planning; finalize the iftar menu in advance, keep water ready, and shop in advance for hydrating fruits and veggies.

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