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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Here's How Education Is Changing In The Country

Here's How Education Is Changing In The Country
By Sohila El Saadany

These educational specialists have taken it upon themselves to ensure the best quality education in town and have answered a few pressing questions for us.

Education methods are changing with time. Each student generation is different due to new educational processes and technological advances. Waad Academy is establishing its holistic approach to ascertain that its students are well rounded.

“Our holistic approach focuses on three major aspect of any successful person: The Mind, The Heart and the The Body. We try to nourish the mind to develop the wisdom that future leaders need by providing them with world-renowned curricula, highly skilled and trained teachers and technology. We try to nourish the heart to harvest the power of love and passion… Lastly we focus on the body to nourish health both physically and psychologically with a wide array of sports and games. We believe that this approach will generate leaders who can be successful.”

optimized-ahmad-jazaeri-waad-academyWaad Academy
Ahmad Aljazaeri
Chief Executive Officer


Universities prepare students for the work force by providing the right education and skills, but how can universities prepare their students to be beneficial to society?

“We aim at enriching our students not only academically but also personally, socially, and professionally so they graduate as leaders who shape a better future for the world. Hence, we created Effat Ambassadors Program, which is a very unique co-curricular program that equips the students with the skills that are necessary for their intellectual, social, moral, physical and professional development through a wide variety of workshops, seminars and activities.”

optimized-haifa-jamal-effatEffat University
Dr. Haifa Jamal Allail
President of Effat University


Preparing students to start their careers is not an easy task. It does not solely depend on textbook or practical knowledge, it needs patience and guidance from the professors themselves.

“UBT’s slogan is ‘education for job opportunities’ therefore, there is a huge emphasis on the necessary technical skill sets required by the Saudi job market. However, the challenges awaiting graduate students are overwhelming and require us to prepare them affectively beyond the technical skills. We need to equally prepare them psychologically and emotionally to face the outstanding challenges and opportunities that wait them upon their graduation.”

optimized-ahmed-abdelrahman-ubtUniversity of Business and Technology (UBT)
Ahmed Abdulrahman
MBA, Lecturer


Language institutes are important complements to available schools and universities. Each follows its own method and has various levels to accommodate all types of students it receives.

When prospective students arrive at Berlitz, they meet with an experienced student advisor, who first gets to know their needs, does a verbal placement test and then, places the person in her/his correct level. Students are placed in levels of comprehension and speaking, rather than age groups. We have small groups and courses that can be tailored to the needs of the students.”

Lutfa Wyngaard
Country Manager of Instruction

Some parents prefer homeschooling to traditional classes, possibly because they are able to monitor their child’s development better through a one-on-one system. This however has to be balanced by a social life especially during early years of education. In comes Jeddah Homeschooler’s Network that caters to children’s educational and social needs.

“JHN plans various activities for homeschoolers in Jeddah that allow children to become socially active with others. Sports days, craft sessions, field trips, poetry sessions, science experiments, presentation days, are just a few of the activities that JHN regularly provides for its members. We also hold sessions for moms to teach them how to homeschool.”

optimized-jeddah-home-schoolersJeddah Homeschoolers’ Network (JHN)
Sahar Khan
JHN Group Coordinator


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