Heba Collection

Heba Collection is a unique boutique which had recently opened in Al-Basateen Mall, Tahlia Street. Heba Khalaf, the owner of the boutique, offers unusual materials and fabrics. Khalaf’s trick is to merge colors which are generally considered incompatible and make them work well for customers.

The boutique also sells a collection of abayas, dresses and women’s thobes in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, at the boutique you can also buy perfumes for any occasion. The abayas at Heba Collection come in different sizes and have unique styles and designs; you will surely find something that suits your taste. The thobes are perfect for Ramadan and other traditional occasions.


The items at the boutique are separated on the basis of colors and the occasion they are suitable for. You’ll easily find dresses which suit the traditional Saudi custom in a variety of colors.

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Instagram: @Heba_collection_ksa

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