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Hair Us Out: The Defensive Playbook

Hear ye hear ye citizens of the desert! This dry sunny weather can do more damage to the way you look than just the sweat stains on your shirt.

With temperatures in the (insert unbelievable number here), our friendly sun will do more than just kiss the ends of your hair for that signature beach dweller look. It will launch a full-blown attack on your most vulnerable soldiers… your hair.

The best offense is a good defense


Sunscreen… yes, that’s right. Some stores may carry heat/sun protection for your hair. If you’re a pickle and can’t find any, dilute sunscreen with water and put it in a spray bottle. Whenever your preparing to do battle with the sun, armor your hair with a few sprays and your soldiers will thank you for it.

Your tarha is your best friend


Covering your hair whilst out in the sun is a must, and luckily for us it’s pretty much mandatory for gentler sex. If a tarha isn’t exactly appropriate dress code where you’re going to be, switch it up with hats or caps.

First Aid


Hair, like the rest of your body, needs moisture. Without it, your hair becomes dry, frizzy, damaged and easily breakable. Treat your hair with masks or oils overnight to help restore some of your lost moisture. We recommend using coconut oil or, our favorite, argan oil. If you don’t have any of these masks or oils and don’t feel like going out, you can replace them with almost anything with moisture including conditioners. Seriously though, your kitchen probably has seven different substitutes. You have no excuse.

Landmines to look out for

Photo Credits: TheGloss

Photo Credits: TheGloss

  • Heat styling your hair in this weather is essentially the equivalent to shooting your own foot. Your hair’s already sustaining too much heat damage from the sun to handle your flattening iron’s friendly fire. If your hair desperately needs to be styled switch out of the iron with your blow dryer, and only use it when your hair is a little damp WITH heat protection spray.
  • If you have bleached or dyed hair these recommendations become commandments unless you want your hair to turn green or fade away.

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