Habits; Creating Good Ones and Eradicating Bad Ones

A thing when done repetitively becomes a habit, and habits become second to nature. Therefore, it is incumbent that we form good habits.

Yet, forming good habits seems as a situation of “easier said than done.”

Also just like the yin and yang, bad habits seem impossible to leave as the acclaimed quote that states “ Old habits die hard.”

Some tips to establish good habits and kill bad ones are:

  • Seek Allah’s help.
    This is something that we should do first and foremost. Yet, sadly, especially before doing something good, we regrettably fail to ask Allah’s help, thinking that after all we are trying to do something good.
    My friends, we have to realize that even a good deed cannot be accomplished without Allah’s help. After all, not even a leaf shakes without the will of Allah.


  • Motivate yourself by acquainting yourself with the rewards of a particular good deed.
    Unfortunately, many of us remain ignorant regarding the benefits of particular deeds. Time and time again, we have heard that Allah looks for quality not quantity, and do a small deed but regularly, to attain Allah’s pleasure.
    Indeed the knowledge of doing an action on a regular basis pleases our Rabb, is the greatest incentive of all.
  • Make yourself aware of the punishments of your bad habits.
  • Use a habitator
    Moreover; we can use a “habitator” to help us. The habitator provides an amazing technique to instill good habits or kill bad ones, and is a personal recommendation on my behalf.
    You can download and print the habitator worksheet from: http://productivemuslim.com/the-productivemuslim-habitator/ and watch the tutorial on how to use it.


  • Tell some your close ones about your intentions.
    You can tell your mother, sister etc. about your goals, so that when time comes when you fall back to your lazy habits, they can help you, remind you of the punishments that such bad habits reap, deter you and motivate you.

Furthermore, time and settings also are important, and indeed the best time to develop good habits would be Ramadan, where temptation is at its minimum and motivations at its max.

We pray to Allah alone to help us and guide us.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”

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